Health insurance is a form of financial protection that is available to help cover your medical expenses. Health insurance is like an investment you make to protect your hard-earned money from spending on hospital bills, medications, ambulances, doctor visits, and more. Health insurance can also be thought of as an agreement between you and your health insurance company that obliges you to be financially secure in the event of a medical emergency.

There are several types of health insurance available in India. And you need to choose the best health insurance for you and your loved ones so you can relax with expensive medical bills. With your health insurance, you are not only being paid for medical expenses, but also for services like cashless treatment and high-quality medical care at a reputable network hospital. Health insurance is like your friends, offering financial relief for hospital-related payments.

Key Benefits of Health Insurance

Covers pre and post hospitalization expenses One of the main benefits of a health insurance policy is that it covers medical expenses incurred immediately before and after hospitalization. Pre-existing diseases Coverage The health plan will cover you for a pre-existing medical condition after you complete the waiting period on your policy statement. Offers cashless payments During hospitalization, you do not need to worry about allocating money to pay your hospital bill. Your health insurance company will install it directly with the hospital if it is part of their network.
Allow you take tax benefit You may qualify for premium tax credit under section 80D of the 1961 Income Tax Act. Covers the ambulance charges Comprehensive health insurance also pays for the costs of an ambulance during a medical emergency. Offer Financial Support during emergency Health insurance provides the much needed financial assistance to the people at the time of medical emergency. It helps you deal with rising medical costs which have increased dramatically recently.