We are a leading corporate insurance agency in India. We offer an exclusive range of insurances such as health insurance, retirement solutions, life insurance, along with professional advice to help you achieve financial well-being. At all stages of your life, we are here for you, your family and your business. As a joint venture owned by our customers, we respect the highest standards of transparency, objectivity and honesty. We always try to provide the latest information about our company's activities and events - that is, when you have the relevant policies, this is indeed your company. At Haxar, our main purpose is to protect our client’s investments so they can pursue their life with peace of mind. 

We are a motivated team working towards improving every aspect of insurance. Be it pricing, purchases, or claims - we're enhancing it with data and technology. We offer customized pricing, instant policy, super-quick claim settlement, and are constantly striving to make insurance as friendly as a smile. In addition to our collective passion for customer convenience, we are driven by the love and support of our customers and investors.

Our Vision

  • - Be the first choice of insurance agency for customers.

  • - Be the preferred employer for employees in the insurance industry.

  • - Be the world-class partner to all the insurance companies we partner with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide protection and peace of mind to our valued customers. We provide innovation and high quality in our products and services. In everything we do, we strive to exceed expectations.

Declaration of the company's ethical values:

It is our policy to conduct our business in accordance with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards and to comply with all laws that govern our business operations. We value our employees, agents and policyholders. The performance of our employees and customer satisfaction determine our success. We believe in the free enterprise system and are committed to treating our employees, agents, policyholders, beneficiaries, suppliers and the community with honesty, dignity, fairness and respect.